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Birthday Stuffing
It was a sunny day. November, if I recall. I never got used to the months in Australia, I'm used to November being cold. Anyway, it was a sunny, hot day. I stood in front of my mirror, deciding what to wear. Truly, the occasion was nothing special, it was a birthday party. My nephew's birthday party to be exact. To this day, I still don't know why I cared about what I'd be wearing. I did not like my nephew. He was turning 8 at the time, he was annoying, loud, hyperactive...I'm sorry, I'm starting to ramble. Point is, he was not someone I liked visiting. However, I had a whole different reason for coming there. His parents were rich, and they liked me, this meant there would be a lot of food AND I would be invited to stay for dinner. I ended up settling on a casual red dress with a pair of stockings. I brushed my hair, put it in a ponytail, put on some mascara and went out. It felt strange going around in a dress. Sure, I wear skirts often, but I almost never wear dresses, probably beca
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Long Overdue Double Stuffing Request
Okay, :iconTB-Arts: requested crisps, preferably something cheesy. I decided to go with Cheetos. Now, in my experience with Cheetos, or any kind of crisps for that matter, they don't fill me up nicely. So I bought a few bags and then I thought: "This stuffing request might not be too interesting for the readers, I doubt this'll expand my belly. So I grabbed my list o' requests and there it was. The next request which I ended up merging with this one. A soda bloat requested by :iconcheetopocalypse: That'll get a nice belly going with it. I hope neither of the requesters mind.
After coming home from buying the required materials I put the 5 bags of Cheetos and the large bottle of Dr. Pepper, which in my experience, is very bloating.
I started on the Cheetos. The first bag truly wasn't filling, perhaps because they pretty much dissolve when you chew them... I got the first bag down easily, still left me hungry, though. Luckily, Cheetos ar
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 12 9
Triple Stuffing
My parents were coming to town last week. Well... Not LAST week... More like 3 weeks ago... Sorry for the inactivity, but I was very busy and didn't have the time to just sit down and write. And when I did have the time, I was far too tired for it... I apologise, I hope I can go back to a normal amount of stories soon, I feel really bad for the people who have a stuffing request that I haven't uploaded yet...
Anyway, enough of my apologies, onto my story.
So my parents were coming tonight, my girlfriend knew this and probably wanted to take revenge for the stuffing on her. ( When my parents come, we always go to this Chinese restaurant. She brought me breakfast in bed, she does this every Sunday, but this time it was exceptionally huge. It contained 2 croissants, 2 pieces of toast with butter, 3 waffles, a tallglass of orange juice, a scrambled egg, and a bowl of oatmeal.
I was blown away by the breakfast she put in front of me, as the person I am, I couldn't resi
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 24 22
Girlfriend Stuffing
Kayleigh, my girlfriend has the same fetish as me; bellies. She's more of a feeder than a feedee, although there are rare exceptions, this being the greatest one:
It happened about 2 weeks ago, I was cooking, my girlfriend usually cooks so whenever I cook I always make something we both love. Although I wanted to find something out: the limit of my girlfriend. I was cooking one of her favourite foods, spaghetti. I had made sure she barely ate that day so she was as hungry as possible. I cooked an entire medium to large size pan of spaghetti (one that could satify the hunger of a family of four.)
I put it on the table and told her that it was all for her. She didn't take long to fill up a plate and start eating, I went into the kitchen and reached for a six pack of Sprite cans on top of the fridge, I am short to average and I actually had to climb up, this took me some time but I managed. By the time I got back she had already started her second full plate. I sat down next to her again
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 133 26
Wrong Poison, Best Poison
WARNING: This story contains farting, if you don't like this, you should click 'back'
Katherine was walking along a path through a village. She had been ordered directly by the king to stop Lord Dobulus, who was pretty much the rival of the king, from invading his land. She was wearing her usual attire: a white skirt, long white boots, a golden chestplate, golden gauntlets and golden shin guards. Along with her trusted blade, she was ready for this.
After some time, her stomach let out a loud growl. "Really? I have way more important things to do than eat..." But her stomach didn't stop it kept growling and it turned louder and louder. A villager noticed this. "Are you hungry, miss? I can make you some food." The villager offered. She doubted for a while, but gave in to her hunger. Little did she know, this person actually worked for Lord Dobulus. 
Once inside, Katherine sat down at a t
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Massive Buffet Stuffing
Me, my girlfriend, and two other friends (Raphael and Aaron) went to an all-you-can-eat buffet while in the Netherlands. It was a very unique one for it was themed All Around The World, it had pretty much every sort of food.
When we arrived there weren't too many people, but a buttload of food. I was immediately mesmerised by the buffet tables, there was so much food! We took a table and went for a first round. I loaded up my plate with some pizza, teriyaki, a cheese omelet (or omelette du fromage, Dexter's Laboratory was my shit growing up.) and a hotdog. I went back and dug in.
Despite so many things being cooked, all of it tasted great. The pizza went down first, then the teriyaki, then the hotdog and finally the omelet. And still, I barely felt I had eaten anything. I hadn't eaten anything that day, I had only drunk some water.
I went for a second round, this time it was: some chicken, two burritos, some Indian rice dish and a hamburger. I sat down and quickly started devouring my
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Feeling like Santa
CreativityMaster wanted cookie and milk stuffing so I bought a gallon of milk and cookie dough. Why? BECAUSE COOKIES TASTE 10 TIMES BETTER WHEN THEY'RE HOMEMADE!
The cookies were done (Around 45 cookies.), I put them in a big bowl and took them to the living room. I immediately ate one. And another And another. And another. I did this until I was full. I then picked up the gallon and chugged around 1/3 of it and burped loudly. I then switched my attention to the cookies again. I might have been full, but:
1. I don't do stuffing requests to stop when I'm full
2. Cookies taste like Heaven when they're just out of the oven.
My belly was starting to push out a little. I ate the cookies until there were only a few left and I picked up the milk again. I chugged it until it was like 2/3 through or maybe a little more. I moaned loudly, this had made drastic changes to my belly's size. It was double, if not more, the size it was before the milk. I was very full; stuffed, but I wanted to finish.
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 12 20
I'll be taking stuffing requests!!!
So, some time ago, I posted a deviation stating that I'd be taking requests on what to stuff myself with. This is still going, but I cannot find the deviation anywhere, so I'm posting it again. I don't want to become inactive, but I also want to do what you guys want. I will pretty much eat/drink whatever as long as I don't dislike the food/drink. Now go! Go into the comment section! Go into the comment section and give me suggestions! I need them!
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 2 45
Waterlogged Rachel
Rachel was watching TV on the couch when a Coca-Cola commercial came on. Much like 9/10 of Earth's population it made her thirsty. She probably already was very thirsty but didn't realize it. She went into the kitchen to get herself a drink when she noticed a six pack of 1,5 liter water bottles. Rachel had always secretly loved having a big, round belly so this was very tempting. She, after hesitating for a while, picked it up and took it to the living room. She got the incredibly hard to open plastic off and opened the first bottle. A voice deep within her was telling her to drink everything. That was, apparently the most dominant voice and she started chugging. She made occasional stops for air. She finished the first bottle with relative ease, however, her slightly pudgy stomach had already started expanding, it wasn't that noticeable but a belly was starting to form. She started chugging the second one. About halfway through she definitely started to feel all the water in her stoma
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 32 3
Bored stuffing
It was a normal, boring Sunday, I had nothing to do as none of my friends were available the entire day and my parents were out so I just lay in bed watching videos and sleeping all day. I hadn't eaten anything that day and at around 18:30 my stomach let out an incredibly loud growl, I got out of bed but didn't feel like making any food, so I decided to order a pizza. I dialled Domino's Pizza and ordered a large pepperoni pizza. I then thought of how much I like stuffing myself. I doubted for a while but then added a second large pepperoni pizza to my order. When they took my order and hung up I walked into the kitchen to look for something to drink with my pizza, I found a full bottle of coke, 'perfect' I thought. I took the bottle over to the living room where I unpatiently waited for my pizzas, my stomach growling heavily in the meantime. After about 15 minutes my doorbell rang, I quickly got over to the door, quickly paid the pizza guy, took my pizzas to the living room and sat dow
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 22 12


Activity page has been inactive for a while and I've decided to be honest about why... 

For the past 2 months I have been in a clinic, because I had a pretty bad depression, and still do a bit. While I have always tried to offer as much support as I could to other depressed people on DeviantArt and outside of it, I've never been open on here about my own problems...I guess I just didn't want to be a bother... 

It's a pretty big load off of my shoulders to finally be open about this to be honest, and I hope I'll get over it soon... 
I've never been suicidal though, so don't worry about that.

Halloween is just around the corner, and I wonder, what are you guys going to do for Halloween?

A bunch of my friends are going to parties, now, I'm not that big on parties myself, I have trouble with crowds and all...
So, instead, my girlfriend and I will just stay at home and she told me she's gonna give me a good stuffing. Here's hoping I'll get some good content for a Halloween story. ^^
Just a question to my watchers out of curiosity.
What's the most you've ever eaten in a single sitting?
Today, I went to an amusement park with some friends of mine. I ate pretty much throughout the entire day, and it was amusement park food, so it's either greasy or sugary.
Althewhile, I kept going on rides, and generally, being a bit This was fine for like 3/4 of the day, but then the huge amount of greasy and sugary food, plus all the rides, caught up to me. 
Needless to say, I feel awful...
Alright, I have gotten myself a new laptop, and I have a bunch of stories ready. I hope I can upload frequently from now on. I would like to note that I have not forgotten about the requests I have yet to upload, I have already done most of them, I've just not written them yet.
I am also working on a story right now, so expect one real soon. 
Okay, so apparently I have 50 watchers. I do not understand why, my work isn't that good at all, yet it's getting me all these watchers and favourites. Thanks a lot.

And now a question. 
I know that my stories (if you can even call them that) are very short, as they are like diary entries of how my stuffing(s) went. I have been considering to write a fictional story. It would be longer and have better general writing than my other ones. I will also rework an old request because I am not happy with it.
Tell me what you guys think of this idea, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again for 50 watchers and umm...a lot of favourites.
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